The Alexandria Dog
Training Company LLC

  Alexandria, VA


Alexandria Dog Training Company will be offering Basic Obedience and Canine Good Citizen classes through the
City of Alexandria Department of Recreation.

NOTE: All Group Classes are on hold due to Covid.
BASIC OBEDIENCE: Lessons will be Tuesday nights at 6:30pm, starting July 2, 2020.  Will cover walking on a loose-leash heel with automatic sit, down, come, down from a distance, extended stays, and out-of-sight stays. Your dog will learn to respond to commands promptly and behave well on leash. Be prepared to practice daily between lessons.  Puppies 6 months and up, handlers minimum 16 years.
CANINE GOOD CITIZEN PROGRAM: Lesson dates: TBD.  PREREQUISITE COURSE: Basic Manners. Focus on skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification test, including accepting a friendly stranger's touch, accepting grooming, walking politely through a crowd, reacting appropriately to distractions like other dogs and sudden noises, sit/down stays, come, and supervised separation. Final class: AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Puppies 6 months and up, handlers minimum 16 years.
More info: (703) 626-7809