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The Alexandria Dog Training Company, based in the Old Town area, will help you enjoy your dog as a well-behaved member of the family. A thorough grounding is provided in basic manners and avoiding or solving behavioral problems such as pulling on leash, chewing, jumping up, excessive barking, destructive activities, house-breaking, anxiety, and other unwanted behaviors.

Educating your dog will assist you in truly enjoying life with your animal companion rather than having to put up with undesirable behavior, making excuses when friends or family come over, or experiencing exasperating, annoying, or even dangerous behaviors. Why have to “put up with” your dog's bad habits when you could truly welcome spending time with your pet and enjoy going for walks?

If you have to anticipate coming home to a destroyed house, your dog pulls you down the street, the neighbors are complaining, or taking your dog anywhere is an ordeal, your dog needs training. It's well worth the time and effort to train your dog now instead of having to dread opening the door when you come home and seeing what your dog has been up to while you were out. Training lasts a lifetime!

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